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Move To VoIP/ Cloud Voice Today!

VoIP / Cloud Voice gives you everything a traditional phone system does, but with one crucial difference, it’s hosted in the cloud. That means you spend less money on hardware and maintenance.

With Remote Working becoming an increasingly crucial part of every business across the UK, we believe that the correct telecoms infrastructure is essential for your business' operations. Our Cloud/VoIP solutions include the ability to remote work with Mobile/Computer based apps. You can also bring your handset home and connect directly to the office! Corporate Telecom Ltd has partnered with the UK's leading telecom suppliers who supply Premium Voice VoIP/Hosted solutions.

Cloud Voice/Voip offers the ability to expand your cloud seats as your business expands giving you the compete flexibility that your business needs.

Pick and mix(bespoke) features to create a Cloud Voice that works for your business. Integrate it with your CRM to improve your customer service, or add Call Analytics and Call Recording to give you the big picture of what’s happening in your business.

Get the best of both worlds with traditional call options

(including hunt groups, call transfer and automatic routing) as well as on-the-go calling.

Get connected and switch over before the 2025 switch off!!

If you would like to find out more about Corporate Telecom services and how it could improve your business contact us today:

Tel: 02890794800


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