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Daisy Mobile Management

Mobile Management for

Daisy O2 and Daisy  Vodafone

With Mobile Device Management there’s no need to feel at a loose end as MDM business allows you to stay in control and protect every mobile device within your fleet to ensure sensitive data stays secure.

Remotely manage your business devices via our online portal and preserve your data by wiping devices

With mobile device protection plan you can monitor data usage in real-time and set alerts for your devices should they go over your limits.

You can also connect with your employees via instant messaging software and you can configure each device to your own personalised businesses specifications.


  • Safeguard your company’s data by having the ability to detect security threats such as non- compliant and jailbroken devices.


  • Be in control of business and technology issues of security, complexity and bring-your-own- device (BYOD) in mobile environments.


  • Peace of mind that your company data is secure.


  • Keep track of your mobile workers with device location and identification map.


  • Control your mobile devices with 24/7 visibility of hardware information and device details including model, serial number, version and operating system.

Why Choose Daisy
Mobile Management?

Remote Management of your business devices

Daisy's online portal gives you the capability to view all employee devices and configure these remotely.

Instant Messaging

You can communicate with your remote workers instantly.

Preserve your company’s data

Protect your business by having the option to remotely wipe devices containing any confidential company data.

Business management reporting

Helping you to understand your device hardware, software and agent usage.

Expense management

Monitor data usage in real- time and set alerts accordingly.

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