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Jamf Security

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Data Capping

Data Capping controls

(incl. caps by country) - Configure data caps in MB when data thresholds have been reached. Set caps by user, group or country.

Data Alerts in MB

Set up fully customisable alerts and notifications for all your users and admins.

Usage Reports

Monitor usage in real-time and react to any spikes in data consumption.


Understand how much data is being used on tethered traffic, to help you make policy decisions.

Data Policy


Real-time Policy Control

Configure cap policies to be applied when data usage thresholds are reached. Customise alerts and notifications for users and admins.

Fully Customisable

Apply policies to individual users, groups, or the organisation as a whole. Tailor the predefined content filtering categories with customized allow and block lists.

Content Filtering

Set intelligent rules to prevent inappropriate websites and apps from being accessed. Ensure that usage is compliant with HR, IT, and regulatory policies.

Network Aware

Create and enforce policies for different networks. Data Policy automatically detects the network to allow Wi-Fi users to have content filtering applied without data management.

Any mobile device,
Any ownership model

Data Policy supports mobile devices and laptops, allowing you to choose the device that’s best for your business.

Real-time Insights

Monitor data usage without waiting for the bill using Jamf’s real-time insights and usage analysis tools.

Jamf Threat Defence

Powerful endpoint security

Threat Defense detects and remediates the broadest range of endpoint threats including device vulnerabilities, malware and risky apps. Comprehensive risk assessments are continuously performed to identify threats, enabling security policies to be enforced in real-time.

Adaptive access to your applications

Elevate your security posture by allowing only secure and trusted devices to access business applications. Threat Defense continously monitors a broad set of telemetry and contextual inputs that can be used to prevent application access when an endpoint is compromised or at high risk. Adaptive access policies can be enforced natively through the Zero Trust Network Access solution or Jamf’s management solution, Jamf Pro.

Comprehensive Threat Detection and Prevention

Zero-day Network Protection

Threat Defense identifies and blocks even the most sophisticated attacks on the network, including zero-day phishing attempts, command and control communication, and cryptojacking. The service works with any app, including web browsers, email, social media and SMS.

Detailed App Insights

Threat Defense provides advanced app intelligence that can be used for both app vetting workflows and security investigations. A risk score is provided for each app, along with a detailed report listing the permissions and embedded URLs that put both user and organisational data at risk.

Real-time Risk Assessments

Threat Defense continuously evaluates endpoint risk–from vulnerable OS to malicious profiles–enabling organisations to quickly identify devices that are out of compliance, and to enforce true zero trust access policies.

Dynamic Data Encryption

Threat Defense prevents compromised Wi-Fi infrastructure from exposing sensitive data by using real-time encryption. The service operates quietly in the background and no user interaction is required.

Leading Security
Features and Capabilities

Always-on Endpoint Defense

Threat Defense protects mobile workers and devices
by using an endpoint app to identify malicious software, vulnerable configurations and risky connections before a breach can occur.

Conditional Access Policies

Prevent business applications from being accessed when risk thresholds exceed predefined values. Conditional Access policies can be enforced natively within the Threat Defense Network or via integration with Jamf or an Identity Provider.

Real-time Reporting and Policy Controls

The unified policy engine allows administrators to
quickly configure a security policy; enforcement occurs immediately allowing policies to be tuned and tailored on the fly. Detailed reports can be viewed inside the Threat Defense portal or exported to third-party tools via easy-to- use integrations.

Unified Operations and Management

Threat Defense integrates directly with management infrastructure enabling the service to be deployed quickly to managed devices. The integration also simplifies event monitoring and threat hunting for ThreatOps by adding human readable names to reporting.

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