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Business Leased Line

Dedicated Internet Connectivity Directly to your Premises


BTnet Leased Line

   A Premium Business Internet connectivity solution with up to 10mbps upload & download speeds!

What is a BTnet Leased Line?

A BTnet Leased Line is a dedicated internet access service that delivers ultra fast internet speeds directly to your premises that never slows down. BTnet is currently the UK’s number 1 Leased Line provider, and with 100% Target availability SLA, you can trust a BTnet Leased Line to always give you the speeds that you need.


There are four different Leased Line options that you can install starting from:

Does a BTnet Leased Line offer consistent and reliable speeds? 

With a BTnet Leased Line you have an uncontested line (meaning you do not share your connection with anyone) with speeds from 10mbps to 10Gbps. BTnet Leased Lines have a 1 to 1 contention ratio, guaranteeing a uncontested internet access service for your business. Even at peak times, your speeds stay the exact same.

What happens if my business grows, or if my business is seasonal?

Because the line is dedicated to your business, you only pay for what you are using. With a BTnet Leased Line, you have the flexibility to increase or drop your speeds depending on how much data your company needs. You can even change your speed during your contract to maximise efficiency and productivity.

What about upload and download speeds?

A BTnet Leased Line guarantees symmetrical upload and download speeds.  If your Business relies heavily on upload speeds, a BTnet Leased Line is the perfect option for you. With ultra low latency, delays become virtually non-existent.

Is a BTnet Leased Line secure?

Security matters when it comes to having a secure internet connection. That is why there is options to add Cisco Meraki software that protects your information against cyber threats, includes a firewall, filtering, anti-malware and intrusion detection and prevention. With BTnet, you have peace of mind when it comes to security.


With BT, there is a 24/7, 365 day service that you can rely upon for support and help in regards to your BTnet Leased Line. If your BTnet Leased Line ever goes down, you have the peace of mind to know that it will be fixed within 5 hours of when it has been reported and you can claim compensation for every hour it goes down.

Can a BTnet Leased Line help your business if you are consumer focused?

You receive integrated WiFi, Guest WiFi and simple LAN as part of your BTnet Leased Line package. Guest WiFi can dramatically increase consumer interaction with your business and it is a great benefit to establish your business relations with your customers.

Symmetrical Upload
& Download speed
with Ultra Low Latency!

You don’t share your speed with anyone so you get exceptional speeds – with ultra-low latency – that never, ever slow down.

  • Choose the symmetrical upload and download speed that you need, all the way up to 10Gbps.

  • Send and receive massive files quickly and run bandwidth-hungry business applications like Azure and Office 365.

  • Choose BTnet Express for a fixed price and fast delivery, with speeds of up to 30Mbps.

  • Target service availability is 100%, backed by a 5 hour target fix time.

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If you have a lot of people online at the same time will your Internet service slow down?

With BTnet, It doesn’t matter what you’re doing: running VoIP phone systems, video calls, sending hefty files, or using lots of cloud-based applications. However data-hungry your business, BTnet can satisfy it. That’s because you get the same upload speed as you do for download, up to 10Gbps. And, because it’s truly unlimited, you can use it as much as you want.

BTnet is available with optional Cisco Meraki managed equipment to connect your systems to your Leased Line. Through just one neat piece of kit, which is unique to BT, you’ll get Wi-Fi for the office, advanced Guest Wi-Fi for your visitors and loads of LAN ports. After our engineer’s installed it for you, it’s a cinch to set up and use.

With the intuitive BTnet web portal, you can keep an eye on how you’re using the service. And because it’s online, you can do that from any device, anytime, anywhere you can get on the internet.

  • Number 1 Leased Line provider in UK

  • 1:1 uncontested dedicated line

  • 100% Target Availability

  • Ultra Low Latency

  • Flexibility to pay for what you need

  • Symmetrical Upload & Download speed

  • 5 Hour fix time & compensation if your line goes down

  • Optional Cisco Meraki

  • Integrated Wifi

9 reasons why a BTnet Leased Line is perfect for your business

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