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Does your Company have a mobile phone policy?


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The following is ­­­­_______________________________ (enter Company name) policy in relation to providing an employee with a mobile device.

  1. The mobile device is the sole property of the above company and is therefore given as a loan to enhance and facilitate the user as long as the employee is employed by _____________________.

  2. The mobile device is for the sole usage and purpose of the employee’s designated role and cannot without permission be used for personal unauthorised use.

  3. An employee is responsible for the safekeeping and condition of the mobile phone at all times, and will be responsible for the cost of any repair or replacement (other than fair wear and tear).

  4. Employees who hold company mobile phones are reminded that the mobile phone is company property and the ultimate liability for its misuse rests with the end user. Calls or text messages/images sent from the mobile phone are to be treated in the same way as email technology. In other words, employees should not access, store or distribute any offensive or inappropriate (e.g. defamatory or racist) material with the mobile phone. Non-adherence to this rule will carry serious consequences, up to and possibly including dismissal.

  5. In the event that the mobile phone is lost/stolen, the company must be notified immediately in order to block the number. If the employee does not notify the company, they will be liable for any costs accrued.

  6. The company recognises that employees may have to make emergency personal calls during working hours or outside normal working hours. Where it is deemed that an unreasonable level of personal calls/texts have been made using the mobile phone, the company reserves the right to deduct those costs from pay.

  7. When travelling abroad on business, employees should be mindful that roaming charges vary considerably and can be expensive. Please notify the person responsible within the company before travelling abroad.

  8. Only approved applications by the company can be downloaded for company use. Any unapproved apps that incur additional costs to the monthly rental will be passed to the end user. The company reserves the right to pursue any additional unapproved costs.

  9. Mobile phones should be kept charged to ensure that they are fully operational during working hours.

  10. Mobile phones must be kept switched on at all times during working hours and kept in the employee’s possession. They are not to be left in the car when the car is unattended and should not be switched off, except when absolutely necessary or in a business meeting.

  11. Mobile phones manufacturers’ manuals contain safety and operating instructions, which should be read and adhered to at all times.

  12. Extreme care should be exercised when using mobile phones in cars. By law mobile phones can only be used when connected to a “hands free unit”. Using a mobile phone while driving is not allowed by the company,(except with a certified hands free unit) as it is considered a serious risk and constitutes an offence under Road Traffic legislation.

  13. On termination of employment the mobile handset should be returned in a satisfactory condition. Failure to return the handset will result in the cost of the unit being deducted from any final money owed to the employee.

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