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5 Reasons to Choose Business Mobile Contracts over Consumer mobile contracts

If you’re a small business, choosing between business mobile contracts and a consumer mobile contract can be confusing. At Corporate Telecom we provide competitive business contracts that are bespoke and unique to your business. There are many benefits of choosing a business mobile contract over a consumer mobile contract. Below are 5 reasons to choose a Business mobile contract!

  • At Corporate Telecom, our business contracts draw the best deals and packages from major providers including BT, EE, Vodafone and O2 ensuring that you benefit significantly from reduced and well managed costs.

  • Corporate Telecom Ltd is a Local Northern Ireland Company, trading since 2004. We have a premium business centre in the heart of Belfast with highly qualified staff to offer personalised aftercare to all of our clients. With over 14 years experience we are experts in Business Mobile contracts. With our business mobile contracts, you will always deal with local staff in Northern Ireland.

  • Unlike consumer mobile contracts, We provide you with one monthly bill, meaning we combine all of your contracts into one instead of separating them. This makes it significantly easier to keep track of and understand how much you are spending monthly. There are options available to share packages between employees or have singular packages in whatever way suits your business best.

  • WiFi Calling is a great solution for when you have either no phone signal or patchy signal. With our Business mobile contracts you can qualify for Wifi calling. Whether you work from home, in a small office or a client site, it lets you make and receive calls and texts as normal over WiFi.

  • With our Business mobile contracts you can combine all of your communication packages through Corporate Telecom Ltd. Whether that is Business Mobile contracts, Cloud or Landline packages, Broadband or Data packages, Corporate Telecom can manage all of your communications. Our business contracts are uncomplicated and therefore straight-forward to manage and understand.

If you would like to find out more about our Business Mobile service and how it could improve your business contact us today: Tel: 02890794800 E:

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