About BT Cloud Voice

BT Cloud Voice

BT Cloud Voice gives you everything a traditional phone system does but with one crucial difference: it’s hosted in the cloud. And that means you spend less money on hardware and maintenance.

A cloud-based phone system also gives you much more flexibility because you can take and manage calls not just from your desk phone, but from your computer and your mobile.  So you can use all of the features of the office system wherever you are.  With Cloud, you’ll never miss an important call again.

What is BT Cloud Voice?

It’s a virtual phone system that’s hosted in the cloud. Calls are carried over a local area network and the internet, so as long as you have BTnet, BT Business Broadband (fibre) – you can use BT Cloud Voice.

BT Cloud Voice

You can choose a User Feature Pack to suit your business.  There’s a range of optional add-ons to choose from, designed to help you save money and make the most of your phone system.

Plus, it’s scalable, so can grow alongside your business.  We can offer a complete end-to-end BT Cloud Voice solution.  And although it’s designed to be self-install we do have optional installation and configuration services so we will always make sure  it is clear what you’re getting and the options available to you for installation.

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Benefits of a BT Cloud Voice system

Stuffed full of call management features

A VoIP system does everything your traditional phone system does and then some. You can use all of the features that you rely on in the office like call forwarding, automatic call routing, call transfers, 3-way calling, and so on but from wherever you are. So if you’re a salesman out in the field or you’re a property developer out – literally – in a field, you’ve no excuse for missing that important call again.

Easy management through online portal

You can set up and manage your phone system, your options, and your users online from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cost control

It’s hosted in the cloud so there isn’t an actual box of kit to buy, maintain, and house on your premises. That means less hardware costs (you’ll just need the actual phones and a router) and, if you’ve got more than one site, you don’t need to splash out on duplicate hardware. And you don’t need to worry about maintenance or upgrade costs either, because that all happens in the cloud.

It’s future-proof

You can add new users and features easily so as your business grows in the future, your phone system grows with you. Plus you only pay for what you need, helping you keep a lid on expenses.

Peace of mind

There’s no need to worry about your system packing up and leaving you in the lurch. Our cloud-based systems are completely resilient because we use multiple, highly secure data centres. In the unlikely event that there’s a problem at one, your calls switch seamlessly to a back-up centre. Neither you nor your callers would even suspect there’d been a problem.

And if you need any help at any time with cloud-based VoIP system, we have a dedicated Local Team who are ready to talk to you.

Ten Reasons to Choose BT CLOUD

  1. A state of the art Phone System
  2. Future proof
  3. Pay as you Grow
  4. Reduce Trunk lines
  5. Reduce Call Costs
  6. Pair your mobile and computer
  7. Remote access
  8. Respond more quickly to customers
  9. Self managed software
  10. Your number moves with you

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