Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Corporate Telecom partners with TRACKER to provide the most effective way to protect your vehicle from thieves and it can even reduce your insurance premiums.

TRACKER has over 19 years experience and is the only provider offering tracking systems that are supported nationwide by the UK police force to find and recover stolen vehicles fast.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Fit your vehicle with TRACKER to:

  • Allow every UK police force to track and find your stolen vehicle
  • Find your vehicle fast, even if it is in a container, lock-up or underground car park
  • Reduce your insurance premiums

Car tracking

Protect your car with vehicle tracking products that:

  • Use VHF, GPS and GSM location technology to recover cars fast
  • Can overcome GPS/GSM signal jammers
  • Activate via motion sensors that detect unauthorised movement
  • Are Thatcham approved and comply with insurance industry standards

Caravan & motorhome tracking

Protect your holiday home with specialist tracking products that are:

  • Designed with leisure vehicles in mind
  • Activated by motion sensors even if you are unaware of the theft
  • Preferred by Caravan Club and other leading caravan insurers

Motorcycle tracking

Protect your pride and joy with tracking options designed specifically for motorbikes that:

  • Use VHF technology to locate stolen bikes no matter how well hidden
  • Are small, discreet and easily fitted
  • Can be battery powered for vintage or racing bikes