4G Assure shortlisted for Best Customer Solution award!

It’s like the Oscars for internet service providers – out of over 200 providers, our 4G Assure has been recognised and shortlisted for the ISPA award in the category for ‘Best Customer Solution’. It’s THE award to win because it’s…

Auto Mate Vehicle Tracker

Auto Mate has everything you need to manage your fleet of vehicles, saving you time, money and stress. Just plug our compact device into each of your vehicles and use our simple app or online portal to monitor where they go. You can analyse driving data, vehicle health, manage expenses and even receive alerts if your vehicle is towed or common faults occur. It’s the easy way to reduce costs, keep customers and employees in the know, and stay on top of admin like MOT, service and tax renewals.

Why is a BTnet Leased line perfect for your Business?

A BTnet leased line is a dedicated internet access service that delivers ultra fast internet speeds directly to your premises that never slows down. BTnet is currently the UK's number 1 Leased line provider, and with 100% Target availability SLA, you can trust a BTnet Leased line to always give you the speeds that you need.

Introducing the brand new Samsung Galaxy note 9

Samsung has just released the brand new Galaxy note 9, and it does not disappoint! With improved battery life, remarkably fast download and upload speeds, 10nm processor and 8GB RAM and game changing stereo speakers, the Galaxy note 9 …

BTnet- The UK’s market leading leased line internet access service

At Corporate Telecom we are now providing BTnet leased line internet access service. If your business is heavily reliant on internet access, a BTnet leased line might be the perfect upgrade to your business. When internet connectivity is…

5 Reasons to Choose Business Mobile Contracts over Consumer mobile contracts

If you’re a small business, choosing between business mobile contracts and a consumer mobile contract can be confusing. At Corporate Telecom we provide competitive business contracts that are bespoke and unique to your business. There are many benefits of choosing a business mobile contract over a consumer mobile contract. Below are 5 reasons to choose a Business mobile contract!

Say Hello to 4G Assure

Keeping connected is crucial to business success. We know. So BT business broadband with new 4G Assure helps you always stay connected. The more you can count on your connection, the more your customers can count on you. Get connected in one working day- Never lose business because of a lost connection- If broadband’s off, we’re on it!

Explore BT Cloud Voice

Did You Know? BT have announced their plans to migrate many customers to an IP based network by 2025, eventually switching off the ISDN network. As the leading business communications provider this change will improve communications between millions of businesses across the UK. As of August 2013, there were around 3.2 million active ISDN lines in the UK however by 2025 most organisations will have made the move to a hosted service. Because Corporate Telecom is an authorised partner with BT, we can provide BT Cloud Voice as your solution.

iPhone X vs Samsung S9

With the release of Apple's iPhone X and upcoming release of Samsung's Galaxy S9 the question on everyone's minds is Who comes out on top? Here’s a quick breakdown of how the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X compare.

Introducing the Brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

The Samsung S9 and S9+ are here – with a revolutionary new camera, personalised emojis, louder stereo speakers and much more.