Did You Know?

BT have announced their plans to migrate many customers to an IP based network by 2025, eventually switching off the ISDN network. As the leading business communications provider this change will improve communications between millions of businesses across the UK.

As of August 2013, there were around 3.2 million active ISDN lines in the UK however by 2025 most organisations will have made the move to a hosted service.

Because Corporate Telecom is an authorised partner with BT, we can provide BT Cloud Voice as your solution.

Why BT Cloud Voice?

  1. Upgrade to a state of the art phone system.
  2. BT Cloud Voice is Future proof.
  3. You can pay as you grow meaning you only pay for what you are using.
  4. BT Quality of service technology means Call Quality Guaranteed.
  5. Upgrading to BT Cloud Voice significantly Reduces Call Costs.
  6. You can Pair your mobile and computer meaning business is not restricted to one location.
  7. Remote access means regardless of where your worker is located, you will never miss an important call again.
  8. You can Respond quicker to customers by improving communication between company users.
  9.  Self managed software: BT Cloud Voice gives you the ability to control and manage portal settings to customise the Cloud to suit your business.
  10. Unlike traditional numbers, Your number moves with you. This means you can take your number to another town or even another city because your BT Cloud system is not dependant on your geographical location.

BT Cloud Voice Top Features:

  • Call Routing

    Easily configure the destination of calls to any device or number based on operating hours or other preferences.

  • Call Forwarding

    Divert calls to various numbers, extensions and devices in any sequence you need, or simultaneously.

  • Visual Voicemail

    View all voicemails at a glance and respond to the most important straight away.

  • Call recording

    You have the ability to set automatic or on-demand call recordings with audio files saved in your call log.

  • Auto-receptionist

    An automated answering system that connects calls to the right people and departments efficiently.

  • Call queues

    Easily route calls to several user extensions or to ring groups to ensure calls get answered by those available.

  • Mobile app

    Make and receive calls wherever there is internet via the BT cloud app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

  • Desktop app

    Call, fax, conference and meet, straight from your Mac or PC desktop.

  • Presence

    Instantly see which of your colleagues are available or busy, making collaboration far more efficient.

  • Customised greetings

    Entertain with your choice of in-queue music and deliver marketing messaging to those on hold.

  • Call flip

    When on the go, simply move an on-going call between you desk phone, mobile phone or computer.

  • Call logs and reports

    A complete record of incoming and outgoing calls. View historical call data as charts or in summary view.

  • Meetings and conferencing

    Share your screen or conduct HD online video conference meetings from any device plus hold unlimited audio conferences.

  • Simple customisation

    Change settings as often as you like from your phone, computer, smartphone or tablet.

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