This information is for IPhone 5 and above.

All information included below will detail how to monitor and reduce data on an IPhone:

WiFi Assist:

WiFi Assist allows IPhone users to switch between WiFi and Mobile Data depending on which connection is stronger. The IPhone will automatically do this without the user’s knowledge. To turn this feature off

Settings > Mobile Data > WiFi Assist > Switch Off.

Close Background Apps: 

IPhone’s are able to leave applications running and updating in the background. This can cause data to be used throughout the day if the Applications are not closed down correctly.

To close down Applications:

Double tap Home Button > Swipe All Applications Up > Press Home Button

Turn Off Mobile Data for Applications:

Go to Settings > Mobile Data > View the list of Applications > Switch Off Apps that can be used via WiFi Only

All of the Applications in the list that are Turned ON will access your Mobile Data Allowance. By turning off any applications you do not use, or will not need to access unless connected WiFi, will help reduce your data usage per month.

Turn Off Auto Updates:

If any updates are completed over Mobile data this will contribute to extreme use. To prevent your phone updating when not connected to WiFi, I suggest turning automatic updates off. This will mean any updates will only be completed when you are connected to WiFi:

Settings > ITunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads over Mobile data > Turn App Store Off

Data Usage Counter:

IPhones have in built data counters. They monitor how much data the phone has used, and at any point in the month, you can check the current usage. Please note – this feature does not alert you to excess use, for this I would suggest downloading a Data Counter from the App Store. BT Business do not offer a Data Counter, therefore I recommend choosing a highly rated Data Usage Counter if you wish to download one.

To view usage:

Settings > Mobile Data > MOBILE DATA USAGE PERIOD > Current Period.

This feature tells you how much data you have used since you have had the phone. I would recommend setting up a Calendar reminder for your Allowance Reset Date, and resetting these statistics once a month – in line with your Billing Month. This will allow you to monitor your monthly allowance.

To Reset Statistics:

Settings > Mobile Data > RESET STATISTICS