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BT Cloud Voice

A Premium Business VoIP Solution

BT Cloud Voice gives you everything a traditional phone system does, but with one crucial difference -it’s hosted in the cloud. That means you spend less money on hardware and maintenance.


With Remote Working becoming an increasingly crucial part of every business across the UK, we believe that the correct telecoms infrastructure is essential for your business' operations.

Our Cloud/VoIP solutions include the ability to remote work with Mobile/Computer based apps. You can also bring your handset h
ome and connect directly to the office!

Corporate Telecom Ltd has partnered with the UK's leading telecom suppliers who supply Premium Voice VoIP/Hosted solutions.


For a free bespoke business quotation, or for advice on the best telecoms solutions for your business,

please contact our team today.

We would love to help!




BT Cloud Voice
with Cisco WebEx


Work together better from anywhere!


Whether in-person or online, you can communicate better using Cloud Voice with Cisco Webex.

BT Cloud Voice is a powerful cloud phone system that’s built for business. It puts phone system features, wherever you need them, on any device.


In today’s increasingly digital workplace, a feature-packed phone system is just one way for colleagues and customers to communicate. Cloud Voice gives you more than just phone calls – combining voice communication with Cisco Webex, it keeps you connected with collaboration tools, meetings and messaging – all in one place.


A new way of working is here.

Cisco Webex

Business Flexibility

Cloud Voice offers the ability to expand your cloud seats as your business expands giving you the compete flexibility that your business needs.

Pick and mix features to create a Cloud Voice that works for your business. Integrate it with your CRM to improve your customer service, or add Call Analytics and Call Recording to give you the big picture of what’s happening in your business.

Get the best of both worlds with traditional call options

(including hunt groups, call transfer and automatic routing) as well as on-the-go calling.

Call Analytics
Call Recordings
CRM/ Go Tapi
On The Go Calling
Cloud Voice Products

Get Your Cloud Voice Now
starting at £6.99

Yealink T series (T43U/ T46U/ T48U)

A high-end IP desk phone with colour touch screen display, loudspeaker and ports for both a headset and PC.
From 1-250 users
Yealink Dect W73 Cordless

Ideal for businesses that need employees at the end of a phone, even while they move around the premises.
From 1-250 users
Yealink T54w (Wifi)

A powerful and expandable office phone that delivers optimum desktop efficiency and productivity with built-in Bluetooth 4.2 and dual-band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi.
From 1-250 users
Poly Trio 8300 Conference Phone

Ideal for small conference rooms/ collaboration spaces.
From 1-250 users
 Yealink EXP50 Expansion Pack

Expanding the T43U/T46U/T48U IP phone capabilities, it allows you to monitor contacts and manage a large volume of calls with ease.
From 1-250 users
Yealink T46U (loaned scheme - no upfront cost)

A mid-level IP desk phone with colour screen, loudspeaker and ports for both a headset and PC
From 1-250 users


Jabra Engage 65


Plantronics Savi 8240


Jabra 2300 Mono

Jabra 2300 Duo


Jabra 920 Mono


Jabra 920 Duo


Jabra Evolve2 65 Mono


Jabra Evolve2 65 Stereo


Poly Blackwire C5210 Mono


Poly Blackwire C5220 Duo

OIP (2).jfif

Poly Blackwire C3210 Mono


Poly Blackwire C3220 Duo

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BT Cloud Voice

A Premium Business VoIP Solution

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