Corporate Telecom partners with BT to provide Business Broadband.

BT Infinity for business

Get down to serious business with our most powerful and reliable broadband ever. Businesses that exchange large amounts of information need broadband that can handle the heavy load. BT Infinity for business gives you the power to share large files quickly, videoconference in HD, work, share and manage processes using cloud computing and more users can multi-task, download and upload faster online at the same time.
Put simply, it could revolutionise the way you work.

BT Business Broadband

Whether you’re a start-up SME or a market leader, our award-winning BT Business Total Broadband meets the demanding standards of any business. BT is delivering to businesses across Northern Ireland by providing excellent standards of service and high levels of reliability.

All our broadband packages come with unlimited BT Wi-Fi, 99.9% reliability, 24/7 technical support and Business Essentials – 10 basic email addresses, 50MB of webspace, SPAM protection and SMTP email forwarding.