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Will 4G make my phone work faster?

Both upload and download speeds have been impressive when I’ve done the 4G test on my handset.

4G is only going to impact your data connection speed. If you’re having issues with buffering content on iPlayer or YouTube for example, this will have a big impact but not on the overall speed of your device when it comes to loading apps or playing games.

How’s your team performing?

The pressures of business upon us all are increasing at a rate that at times can overwhelm or indeed swamp the best of us, however the key to our success and fulfilment lies in what is around us – OUR TEAM!

4G for Business – Do faster speeds mean higher usage?

Absolutely!  With allowances as low as 500 MB, a high-speed 4G for business network connection could easily chew through that package in less than a day with high usage. Be careful if you go for a tariff this low and definitely keep an eye on your data usage.  Downloading a data counter will help you keep on […]

Who came out tops?

The 2017 P3 connect Mobile Benchmark in the United Kingdom has a clear winner with a very good EE, and a good Vodafone on rank two. In contrast, Three and O2 have lost some ground compared to our previous year’s benchmark. Read full report here: 2017 Mobile network    

How to conserve data usage on Iphone

DATA USAGE ON AN IPHONE. This information is for IPhone 5 and above. All information included below will detail how to monitor and reduce data on an IPhone: WiFi Assist: WiFi Assist allows IPhone users to switch between WiFi and Mobile Data depending on which connection is stronger. The IPhone will automatically do this without […]

Data roaming

WHAT ARE DATA ROAMING CHARGES? Data roaming is when your phone has been detected on an overseas network and expensive roaming rates start kicking in. Even if you’re careful with your mobile phone abroad and avoid making unnecessary calls, you can still be charged simply to receive a call or pick up a voicemail message. […]

Look how much the mobile phone has changed in 30 years

It’s been 30 years since the first ever mobile phone call was made on the historic Vodafone VT1 and boy, how things have changed. That first ever mobile phone even had a carry handle for you to take it around, but now we get angry if a smartphone won’t fit in the pocket of our […]

Does your Company have a mobile phone policy?

MOBILE PHONE POLICY     Click on the above link and save to your computer! ISSUED BY: ISSUE DATE: EMPLOYEE NAME: EMPLOYEE SIGNATURE:   The following is ­­­­_______________________________ (enter Company name) policy in relation to providing an employee with a mobile device.   The mobile device is the sole property of the above company and is […]

Smartphone data usage

Examples of Data usage on Smartphones In general, a smartphone is classed as a device which runs an operating system similar to a PC and allows similar functionality. As such, this means that it is capable of running many different applications and may mean that these applications are capable of still running in the background […]

BT/EE is Here!

The Director’s Pen EE IS COMING NEXT MONTH TO CORPORATE TELECOM “Change in  Mobile Telecoms is always predictable and for that matter fast and often! Next month launches 4G Super fast internet access through BT EE. This is the biggest change in the mobile market in the last five years. With smart handsets now becoming the […]